Gemini – your 2017 horoscope predictions

Saturn stays in 2017 in the house of your partnerships – this year is and last – period in which the influence Twins in the last decade. The others have already experienced the influences of Saturn in opposition with their Sun – two years of the test of maturity and wisdom, and the desire to correct your mistakes and go on. Integrity, generosity and honesty have been questioned by people in positions of authority, you may have gathered a lot of disappointments and frustrations and I don’t see too well success, and the end of the year you catch up with his ego slightly bruised – but you’ve learned your lesson. Saturn is now well aspected by Uranus and, until October, and Jupiter, which means that the lessons of life are easier to understand and even accompanied by achievements and favorable changes important, in the long term.

Jupiter is in the house loves and children in September last year, in sextile with Saturn and trine with your Sun natal, until October 2017 – a period of grace, with opportunities in general and in harmonious relations and for children, in particular. You probably don’t win the Lottery and I don’t even find the treasure of dreams, but your desires for a better life, they somehow find a way to happen. You can afford more purchases for the joy of the soul – an object of art or fashion of luxury; or the holiday you always dreamed of. Your creativity is at its peak and helps you to develop yourself and to grow, attention to the so called friends (Jupiter in opposition to Uranus in the house of friends), which might bring you unpleasant surprises, especially in February, when Mars and Venus transiting through Aries and the planet Uranus. Instead, love and passion are at a maximum in February-march, in good aspect with Saturn in the house of marriage and partnerships – which could bring a partner more serious and more involved or even to formalise a relationship. It’s also an awesome time for children and their education.New responsibilities at work

In October, Jupiter goes into the house of service and health, where he will stay for a year with opportunities various, expansion and the desire to achieve ambitious projects. In November it’s very well aspected by Sun and Venus – keep an eye on chance, so you can recognize it and use it as such. In December, the Sun and Venus transiting your house of marriage and partnerships, over Saturn found out in the last degrees of Sagittarius – a good time for proposals of the partnership, demure and serious, with long-term effects.

A mention for the money earned through their own efforts – the chances of recovery in august, when Venus transits Cancer. But, attention! – in opposition with Pluto in your house of money obtained by others. In June-July can also be found there, and Mars – so, financial prudence, attention to expenses in general. A man approved… don’t lose your head and wallet.

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