Sagittarius Horoscope 2016 – money , love and career

Sagittarius love horoscope 2016

Friends Sagittarians, you have lived one year in 2015 for the less delicate, but try to forget because 2016 is for you a year of emotional renewal. Not necessarily in the break for couples, but under the sign of rediscovering your partner. This operation will not be smooth, that is why you should definitely take stock quiet.

First quarter: The weight of responsibility weighs you more and heavier, as in your marriage and in your family, you feel more and more responsible and you want to make room in your life. It’s now or never to take stock of your love life, while reassuring your partner that best is not to blame in this story that concerns only you and you alone.

Second Quarter: The second quarter will be conducive to meetings for singles, provided that you agree to go out and meet people. The couples will have their work because they are going to make a new assessment and appeal again, do not even consider for a second that you protect the gains. This is the perfect time to call a psychic and make a sentimental balance sheet.

Third quarter: Friends Sagittarians, your partner up the slope and enjoy these moments to find yourself, get a small restaurant in another time would you most good. Singles will have opportunities they will trigger because nothing will be done only during this quarter, you have to take the bull by the horns.

Fourth quarter: Singles as a couple, you will have to take stock of the year that is about to be completed and start thinking 2017 will be much more conducive to thrive emotionally. Still, do not hesitate to take time for you because that’s it you are missing for some time, is not it?

Sagittarius Horoscope 2016 money

You Sagittarians, whose tendency is to confuse turnover and profit, you will need to understand some important things that will save you a lot of money during the year 2016 will start in the best conditions for you. Know also watch your back …

First Quarter: You will start making money from the beginning of the year even if you have some unforeseen costs that will fall on you, you will manage to overcome these events without too much difficulty. Also know that someone is looking at you take some of your money dishonestly.

Second Quarter: You will receive a sum of money to pay when you had completely forgotten. The note will appear salty but you will manage you and you will pay no other alternatives. You will by cons, find a small amount of money that will put a little butter in the spinach.

Third Quarter: You will receive a new an old friendship resurfaced. This friendship will save you money! You should follow the advice of that person, so you can invest small amounts of money with it. You will quickly regain your original bet and more …

Fourth quarter: If you like to bet, take this chance to time to go for a walk in the nearest casino. You easily will manage to earn some money only if you do not have eyes bigger than your stomach. Know bet small sums and you will gain hits.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2016 work

This year scares you in your professional field? You approach the dangers of the crisis and its impact on your job? Indeed the change is expected in 2016 but still if you keep hope you will manage to bypass the traps set for you this year, stay attentive.

First quarter: The beginning of the year reserves are surprises and elsewhere you will receive an email or letter will confirm your fear. However, keep hope and you will manage to avoid projectiles. Also you will have answers during this first quarter, answers you expect for a long time.

Second quarter: A person seeking to harm you by all means at its disposal. His reason was jealousy because your post is now envious. Stay on the road ahead and you will not have an accident, it’s the same for your work, keep the line of conduct and you will have kidney to fear of this person.

Third Quarter: You always have in mind the end of the year 2015 which was heavy for you both financially and emotionally. But you absolutely must draw a line under this troubled past, you only have to look in front of you because that is where things are happening right now.

Fourth quarter: It’s nearly the end of the year, the following will be a bit more difficult. If you can predict, anticipate events you will experience a following year in professional happiness because activities will flare. Always be optimistic and look ahead.
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Born in November 23 to December 21
1st decan of 23 November to 2 December (Ruled by Mercury)
2nd decan of December 3 to December 12 (Ruled by the Moon)
3rd decan of December 13 to December 21 (Ruled by Saturn)
Fire sign Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac between Scorpio and Capricorn
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Sagittarius hate routine, like change and will not hesitate to undertake several things at once. The problem is that Sagittarius never ends all started things, and often does not honor its promises. Sagittarius is interested in the world of discovery and enjoys traveling. Comforted by a conformist and independent spirit of nature, you have the ability to always adapt, responding to new situations and harmoniously: the greatest villains of history were Sagittarius. You are an eternal optimist, which is a good thing for everyone you come across and will be delighted to ride you. Sagittarius: Fire sign. It is the religion, philosophy, major travel, abroad and with the law. Neptune and Jupiter are in residence, Mercury is in detriment.